The Marca sign system


The Marca sign system is a comprehensive range of designs for everyday signs and symbols. It is designed to meet exacting standards of graphic design and product detailing and includes 5 design lines each with more than 25 functions.


Marca has been specifically developed and designed to meet four exacting requirements common to all sign systems. To be attractive. We are proud to have created a collection of contemporary sign products that look and work beautifully in a wide range of building types and spaces—from galleries to workplaces, hotels to conference centres. To be legible. The pictograms and symbols are universally understandable. To be durable. The signs are made of quality materials for easy maintenance and long life. To be practical. The signs are easy to fix, assemble and change on site by staff.


The Marca sign system is continually being expanded to meet all sign requirements for a cohesive presentation of wayfinding information.